Saturday Spanks

My favorite time of the week has come again, Saturday Spanks! Before I dive into the juicy snippets from all the other lovely authors I’ll get my own out of the way.

Summary: Princess Georgianna has given up on the possibility of love. Her kingdom is starving, her people dying, and the responsibility of saving them falls on the shoulders of the young princess. Georgianna accepts the dismal future that is sure to come with her union to the cruel, yet wealthy, Prince Lisben.

But when she is seduced into an impulsive affair with the demanding Knight General Braden and it becomes more than she believed possible, she suddenly finds herself fleeing under his protection. Georgianna must rely on Braden to protect her body, but who will protect her heart?

Blurb: Princess Georgianna loves and hates her General Braden this is the beginning of their argument in Chapter 1.

“Pity, you’ve wasted all your time defiling me, when you really had your heart set on the charming Lady Calida.”

He pounced in such a way that she had no time to defend against him. She was pressed down against the mattress, his body urgent against hers. His hands wrapped around her wrists and held them above her head as he balanced on his elbows, his face so close she felt his breath. His dirty blond hair tickled her chin. “Defile? Is that what I’ve been doing?” He rotated his hips and she felt the hard length of him nudge against her stomach.

“Get off me.” Her words were breathless.

Pursued by the Knight by Sadie Dane

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24 comments on “Saturday Spanks

  1. I love the pounce! Nice teaser.

  2. Reblogged this on Sparkly Knickers and commented:
    Sadie is such a creative writer!

  3. PK Corey says:

    It’s going to be a long, interesting night!

  4. Patty Devlin says:

    Very well done, you tipped all of my senses and intrigued me to bump this one higher on my TBR list.

  5. LA Cloutier says:

    A kingdom in ruin, and a young princess with perhaps to much of a burden to carry alone. I really like her boldness when she thinks Braden has his heart set on another. Pity the snippet ended where it did. I want more.
    Yes, the TBR list is definitely growing this Saturday 🙂

  6. Yay! Another Fantasy! Love this one, Sadie, Excited to see more fantasy erotic romance writers showing up around here:)

  7. Pounce and defile. Yup, looks like she may have pushed one of his buttons. Question is, did she do it on purpose, knowing she would get a dominant reaction out of him? Maybe not consciously, but I bet her libido is aching for more.

  8. Jaye Peaches says:

    Those 8 sentences – so cruel. I do like good pounce.

  9. Renee Rose says:

    ooh, he is sexy!! I loved the pounce too!

  10. marysuewehr says:

    LOL Renee, I loved the pounce too!!

  11. Leigh Smith says:

    A defiler, oh my and he pounces too. lol Very hot.

  12. Ooo, a pounce! What a sexy general! Thanks for this little tease!

  13. I’m with the majority. LOVED the pounce and loved the snippet 🙂

  14. That breathless “get off me” suggests that she doesn’t entirely mean it. Or maybe his pounce knocked the wind out of her. Naw. She doesn’t mean it.

  15. Oh wow Sadie! That was sexy… and your writing is lovely.

  16. afteroldjoe says:

    Ooh, his hard length! Nice!
    -Angie S

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