“In walked Mr. tall, dark, and handsome himself…”

I can always count on you to leave me in a pickle! Or in this case, between two pickles.

The Good, The Bad and The Not So Sexy

“In walked Mr. tall, dark, and handsome himself…”


…wearing slim, tan pants that accentuated what she could only imagine was the most enormous cock in Christendom.


Forgetting herself, Milly’s hand flew to her ample bosoms and she gasped! Who was this second man stallion before her? She could hardly breathe from mangasm!


Slayde stepped forward and took the stranger’s hand. “Why hello there, Tex. This here is Milly, and she’s just the girl to do us both…”


Who is this manly stranger? Has he noticed Milly’s bosoms? If not, why not? Sadie has all the answers!

P J Perryman

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The “Others”

YES! Intrigue!

The Good, The Bad and The Not So Sexy

There was a knock at the door.


The knock was quick and firm and Milly was surprised when the door opened. A raven-haired woman with black rimmed glasses walked in, clipboard in hand. Milly sized her up in seconds; a tailored suit that showed off not only an admirable frill at the chest but was also painted on at the waist, matching her tight skirt. 

“Mr. Huntington, your appointment is here.”

In walked Mr. tall, dark, and handsome himself…

Where will Milly look? Slayde? Or new guy??  Who the heck is new guy?? Stay tuned!


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This is a Special Moment…

No idea how I’ll follow this, but I shall try! We’ll all see on Sunday 😀

The Good, The Bad and The Not So Sexy

She lifted her chin and looked him directly in the eyes..


“This is a very special moment for me. My heart is beating so fast, can you feel it?”

Milly took Slayde’s hand in hers and slipped it inside her blouse so he could really feel it. “Does it seem perky, to you? I am so excited, I have always wanted to be under you, and now, at last, my dream has come true. If you like I’d be happy…”

What would make Milly happy? Was she trying to get him to cop a feel all along? Stayed tuned for the next installment!

P J Perryman

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A Beautiful Problem

Boobs like hers don’t come often.

The Good, The Bad and The Not So Sexy

Not that I mind wrapping my arms around…”

…a problem. Especially one so beautiful as you, Milly.” 

She felt her knees go weak and suddenly knew the jelly feeling that everyone talked about. She pushed away from him as she tried to regain her composure and cleared her throat, straightening her clothes and ample bosom that had almost fallen out.

“Of course not, Mr. Huntington.” She lifted her chin and looked him directly in the eyes.

Is Milly Slayde Huntington’s beautiful problem? Are Milly’s bosoms her beautiful problems??  Are there any other problems??? Stay tuned.


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You and I…

I think I’ve forgotten what it is that Slayde does…anyone remember?

The Good, The Bad and The Not So Sexy

You and I…

“…are dancing around the obvious. I know you feel protective of my penis, and commendable as that is, it really isn’t in your job description. Just relax. You have the job. Should you feel at any time you wish me to examine your breasts, I won’t hold that against you. As for dictation, I’ve heard on the jungle drums that you’re an expert when it comes down to taking…”

Will Milly be able to hold in her joy? Or her breasts for that matter? For the answers to questions we know keep you up at night, stay tuned for Sadie’s next installment.

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This is like a how-to on job interviewing 😀

The Good, The Bad and The Not So Sexy

“Y-yes, Mr. Huntington.”

Milly stood in the center of his luxuriously appointed office, dawdling. Slayde sat on the edge of his desk with his arms crossed. She was here for a reason: Slayde’s peener. And a job interview.

“Mr. Huntington, your penis–”

“There is absolutely nothing wrong with it,” Slayde said, fairly curt. “Ask the doorman.”


Slayde sighed and rose. “Milly, it’s time we face the inevitable. You and I…

What on earth can Slayde mean?! Find out next time!


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