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It came to my attention that I haven’t announced that the anthology I am a part of A Spank in Time,  is available at Barnes and Noble as well as  Amazon. 

If you are ready, willing and able, please click the link of your choice and give me (us) a try. If you are even more willing, feel free to leave a review. I love reviews. I could eat them for breakfast, brunch, lunch, second lunch, snack, linner, dinner, and fourth meal.

Thanks, babes!


A sexy book from an awesome writer!

Penelope Jones

Good morning my lovelies…

I’m sure if you follow me on twitter, or if you’ve popped on over to my Author’s I lust after page, you know all about Ms Patti Sparkles… better known as Ms P.J. Perryman.  Well the woman is on fire in the publishing department this month. Two books, and another on the way… 

Every morning P.J. Perryman tries to be good, but by nightfall her mischievous muse whispers straight wickedness into her ears. These naughty visions slip from her mind to the page, in the form of a story or an amazeball drawing.  And her current new release “Drench the Wench” is no different.


At the Renaissance Faire, nothing is quite as it seems. And in this delightfully sexy anthology, author PJ Perryman gives readers a shocking glimpse into the steamier side of faire-goers, both human and magical alike. The result? An anthology unlike anything you’ll…

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He did what?!

I am a great lover of the mad lib. I’ve spent many an hour giggling when the big, fat rhinoceros farted in a pool of jello (I cannot believe I just wrote “farted”).

Now, I don’t mean to imply that writing erotica is simply a series of nouns verbing. I know when I write, my words are carefully thought out, so that the right noun correctly adverbs verbs the right noun. BUT, like I said before, mad libs are fun and erotica is the perfect canvas.

So here is the game, think of a word that corresponds to the one being asked. Then fill in the numbered blanks, read, and laugh. Or don’t laugh, you can guffaw or chuckle, if it is more your style. Also, don’t hoard the laughs, please post your mad lib in the comments section!

1. Exclamation

2. Body part

3. Verb

4. Adjective

5. Body Part

6. Adverb

7. Noun

8. Verb ending in -ing

9. Noun

10. Verb ending in -ed

11. Noun

(1) Exclamation!” she exclaimed as she felt Trevor’s (2) Body Part (3) verb up her thigh. His (4) adjective (5) body part was pressed against her bottom, snuggled (6) adverb between her two cheeks. She felt an ache that started in her (7) noun and spread. She turned to him, (8) Verb ending in  -ing her (9) noun against his body and (10) Verb ending in -ed his (11)noun while rubbing it slowly.


And just so you can see what I mean, here is mine:

“Holy Macaroni!” she exclaimed as she felt Trevor’s foot lick up her thigh. His stinky armpit was pressed against her bottom, snuggled quietly between her two cheeks. She felt an ache that started in her toaster and spread. She turned to him, swimming her car against his body and slapped his pony while rubbing it slowly.


Ahahahahaha, excuse me while I go laugh.

Up close and personal

As the old saying goes, to know someone is to own them. Wait…I just did a Google search and I’m not sure that is a real saying. Oh well, it should be.  And, by the way, “DIBS!” if it isn’t…

Anyway, I distracted myself. I’d like you all to feel like you are very best friends, practically twinsies with Charity, the servant girl who features in her own story in the anthology, A Spank In Time, that is, you won’t believe it, on sale now.

She is a girl who enjoys the simpler things in life, give her a firm hand and a good cup a tea and she’ll be your friend forever. That is, when James lets her out of his sight. Charity has always been a servant, but don’t feel bad for her, she’s had and continues to have a good life. If you want to get to know her better, ask me a question and I’ll ask her, or you can check out her interview here. If you’re sick of introductions, then please, check out this short sample and if the mood strikes you, visit Blushing Books and give the whole sexy anthology a go!


“Charity could not get the stench of pig filth out of her nose. George Bishop was always coming in too close for comfort. It wasn’t only that he insisted on standing so near to her, but he asked again if she’d given any more thought to his marriage proposal. Charity would have sooner lived with his pigs before she agreed to marry him. She pulled her coat more closely around her and walked quickly down the side of the rocky road.

Behind her, Charity heard the clip-clop of horse’s hooves, and she moved to the side as a black carriage passed her by. Before it reached the next corner she heard the driver order the horses to halt. He called out for her to come up to them, so she hurried to catch up — perhaps the Lord or Lady had returned early from their travels.

A voice called to her through the carriage window. “Has no one told you how impolite it is for a lady to travel without a companion?””


The complete sample as well as samples from the other, awesome authors can be found here. 

-Thanks for listening and Sadie loves you.

I can say for a fact, she speaks the truth 😉

Penelope Jones

Good morning my lovelies…

Last night I shared a little about me, well today it’s back to the grind of sharing with you new and up-and-coming Authors in the erotica genre.

Travel back in ‘the Olden Days”  with “A Spank in Time.”  Six very talented writers, all new to Blushing Books, have joined forces and created Blushing Mischief, a new group dedicated to writing the steamiest new stories.   Their first offering is a collection of six beautifully-written stories.

Spank in Time Cover_edited-1

Today I’m going to feature just a few of these awesome authors.

P.J. Perryman, or better known as Patti Sparkles–  Many of you know she was the original “idea” woman behind Little Miss Belle Notoriety.  She has also helped me with editing, concepts, and just plan great advice.  The woman is a genius when it comes to writing, and finally the publishing world has seen the light.  Make sure to check…

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A tiny peek

(I know this is a really fast tomorrow, but what can I say? I just get so excited, like a chihuahua when you’ve come home from work)

In honor of Blushing Mischief’s ‘A Spank In Time’s’ release day, we thought we would give you a little look into just who you’ll find within its pages of delight.


Meanwhile, at the Collins Manor:

*James takes a seat on the sofa. Charity sits nervously on a large chair across from him*

James: Thank you for joining me today, Charity. I trust you are well.

Charity: Yes, thank you. Will this take long? I need to get back.

James: Of course, this will be brief, I know how much you want to run out of here. Let’s get right down to it. *He grabs his list* Ah, yes, here is a good one to start with. What or who is the greatest love of your life?

Charity: James! That is not an appropriate question. I will not answer it.

James: What a surprise. Fine, we’ll move on to something a little more appropriate to your delicate sensibilities. What is your most marked characteristic?

Charity: I don’t know. Maybe…I don’t know! What is this? I need to get back to the kitchen.

James: Are you going to answer any of my questions? *Charity stares at him silently* You are so frustrating. Moving on. What is your greatest regret?

Charity: *She blushes* Hiding from you.

James: No one made you. *He leans forward* Why are you sitting all the way over there? Move closer.

Charity: No, thank you. I’m fine where I am.

James: Fine. *A moment passes* Which talent would you most like to have?

Charity: To be an expert marksman.

James: We’re working on that. It will happen. *He consults his list* Oh yes, this is a good one. What is the quality you most like in a man?

Charity: *She smiles* Humility.

James: Now you are just teasing me. Next question. What is the quality you most like in a woman?

Charity: Bravery. *Her gaze travels from the window to the ground, anywhere but at James*

James: What is the trait you most deplore in yourself?

Charity: My cowardliness.

James: Are you sure you don’t want to sit a little closer? *Charity relents, taking a seat next to him. Being so near to him instantly kindles a fire inside of her* There that’s better. Only a few more. What do you consider the more overrated virtue?

Charity: Patience. *She leans into him*

James: Don’t worry, you won’t have to wait much longer. *He glances at the list* Here is one I very much would like the answer to. On what occasions do you lie?

Charity: To you? Always…never.

James: Which is it?

Charity: Does it matter?

James: No, I suppose not. Here we are, last one. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

Charity: *She smiles* The many layers of clothing I am wearing.

James: That is definitely something I can help you with.


To find out more about the stories in this hot and gorgeous anthology, follow the links below for more interviews from my fellow Blushing Mischief authors:

P.J. Perryman A.C. Masterson A.T Quinn

Jill Glass Sadie Dane Sara Peal

And without further ado, published by Blushing Books and written by Blushing Mischief’s group of talented authors, we present to you, A Spank In Time.

Spank in Time Cover_edited-1

Now available at Blushing Books <—Sadie says, click that.

My Descent

Like most people, I didn’t crawl out of the womb writing erotica. I was writing sonnets. Really, I tumbled out, covered in placenta, looking for things to compare to a summer’s day–no, I kid.

My voyage into erotica was not something I could’ve foreseen. At first it was less of a voyage and more of a paddle boat ride in a very shallow pond. Maybe I should back up.

I was pleasantly minding my own business when a friend asked me, “Have you ever considered writing erotica?” My first response was something along the lines of, “No. And if I tried it would probably sound like, ‘and then he thrust his you know into her secret garden of love and gross smells.'”

Before I could say this out loud she told me about a little project that she wondered if I would like to try and be a part of. I’d written stuff in the past, and am a big fan of romance in any form. I’d even written sex scenes and make-out scenes, but they were always the type that faded to black. I never had to really get deep into it, so to speak.

So I sat down with one purpose: To write a sex scene. Almost immediately I had these characters, and I was gonna get them to do it. I was gonna get them to do it hard. I wrote, kept writing, continued writing. Before I knew it I had a few thousand words of two people hanging out, going to lunch, bantering, but no hanky panky. I got a little frustrated, it was like dating in real life, my characters had put me in the friend zone.

After a few cocktails and some er…research, I decided to stop freaking and calm down. “You can’t force it, Sadie,” is what I told myself. And I just kept writing. Sounds boring, I know. I kept writing, and when the time was right, you will all be happy to hear, my characters did indeed, do it. Even better, he did not thrust his you know inside her smelly compost…

What did he do? Well, you’ll have to hang around and I’ll tell you how to find out.


Sit, stay, good girl (or boy)

Hello and welcome!

If you managed to find me here, tucked away in the darkest corners, then please stay. It isn’t much to look at now, but you wait and see.

You should know, much of what is posted here is not safe for work and should be looked at by people 18 and older. With that, come back often, look forward to what is to come, and check out my friends.