My friends are talented

I’ve been a bad girl, neglecting announcements and exciting news. I’ll take my punishment and make amends by announcing it all now!

The Spanks You Missed - Spank in Time Book 2 by Blushing Mischief

First of all, A Spank in Time II- The Spanks You Missed is now available on our publisher’s, Blushing Books, webpage. Amazon and B&N links are in the works and goodness knows I’ll post them when they are available (or a few weeks after, as is my way). I’d love for you to pop on over and take a look, if not for my story, than for the stories written by my incredibly talented writing partners. P.J. PerrymanJilly GlassA T QuinnNaughty Authorette and A C Masterson write some of the sexiest historical spanking stories I’ve ever read and I am proud to be included in the same anthology.

Oh, is that proof of their talent that you are asking for? I’m glad you asked.

A C Masterson happens to have a novella that is soaring the bestseller ranks of Blushing Books. The Iron Hand’s Good Wife may feel familiar to anyone who read A Spank in Time and will feel sexy to anyone who reads it. I say you buy this book now just so you can brag later on that you, “knew him when…”

The Iron Hand's Good Wife by A.C. Masterson

And last, but definitely not least (If I say least she will punish me, seriously, I’m blinking S.O.S. right now 😀 ), the queen of Sparkly Knickers, P.J. Perryman has her own new release that is sure to make your knickers do more than sparkle. Kiss of the Marquis  is, well, I’ll let the readers speak for themselves.

“P J Perryman not only writes hawt sex, but there’s real drama here.”

“It’s dark, super hot and the characters are so real.”

“This book has everything a good spanking story could want…”

I can’t say it better than that.

I know this is a lot to take in, but if I can live peacefully with a spider in my bathroom (I noticed it first as it was weaving a web in the corner and thought, “At least someone in this house is being productive.”) then I think you can crack open a bottle of wine, or shake up some fresh margaritas (I’ll give you my recipe) and treat yourself to these sexy stories!

As always, questions, comments, concerns and compliments are welcomed 😉