Saturday Spanks/Winter Spanks

Hello friends! This is my second week participating in the Saturday Spankings blog hop and after last week I am super excited. From what I understand this week will be different in that some of us are also participating in an event co-sponsored by Winter Spanks. I’m not one of them but be sure to pay extra attention to those that are. That way there be prizes!!

Pursued by the Knight by Sadie Dane

Summary: Princess Georgianna has given up on the possibility of love. Her kingdom is starving, her people dying, and the responsibility of saving them falls on the shoulders of the young princess. Georgianna accepts the dismal future that is sure to come with her union to the cruel, yet wealthy, Prince Lisben. 
            But when she is seduced into an impulsive affair with the demanding Knight General Braden and it becomes more than she believed possible, she suddenly finds herself fleeing under his protection. Georgianna must rely on Braden to protect her body, but who will protect her heart?

About this snippet: Even though I’m not participating in Winter Spanks I’ve still been granted permission to offer a little bit longer of a snippet. This scene is one of my favorites from Pursued by the Knight where Princess Georgianna is still under the delusion that she can end her affair with General Braden and Braden makes it clear that isn’t an option for either of them.

“Braden–” His name was a muffled moan on her lips as his hands returned to her shoulders and pushed her down until she sat on the edge of the bed in front of him.

“No. I’ve had enough of this. We’re done talking about it.”

Her eyes left his face, falling to his body in front of her. His tunic was not tucked and hung just below his waist. She closed her eyes and breathed slowly. This was what she needed to stop. He turned her into a woman possessed, unable to make rational or virtuous decisions. She felt, at times, like a trained animal, that would do anything he asked just as long as she received her reward.

“What do you want?” he murmured, lifting her arm and placing her hand on his waist.

She loved to explore him. Her fingers moved, of their own accord, rasping against the coarse linen of his pants. She glided them up his thigh, towards the bump that was, as she watched, growing. She gently massaged his thigh and looked up at him, glorifying in the look of appreciation in his face. Her fingers found the top of his pants and she pulled down gently. She wanted her mouth around him, needed to suck him until he cried out her name in a way no one else ever had.

“No.” His one word was enough to freeze her, inside and out. “You don’t get off that easily, Georgi. Not tonight.” He stepped away but she kept her fingers linked around the top of his pants until he had to pry them off.  “Get on the bed.” She didn’t immediately comply so found herself being flung back, landing with a short bounce on the mattress. “Don’t be coy. Turn over.”

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12 comments on “Saturday Spanks/Winter Spanks

  1. Leigh Smith says:

    You can’t knock a girl for trying.

  2. PK says:

    Oh why does everyone stop as I’m so getting into the story. Well written – even it you did stop!

  3. Patty Devlin says:

    Well, I do hope you continue with this! Or perhaps I will just have to sneak in and read it myself because sadly your 8 sentences are just enough to tease us -u siren! How delightfully wicked you are? And Georgi sounds like a naughty girl indeed.

  4. suzyqreviews says:

    I loved this! What a little imploring tease. So linky post…there should be an “embed link” thing. I have weebly…well I do have wordpress but not for my blog, just my reviews.

  5. Ooh! He’s clearly interested in pursuing things further, but looks like he has a few things he needs to straighten out with her first. Enticing snippet, Sadie. I definitely want to read more.

  6. She’s perfect here, enjoying his expression. I love his “don’t be coy” great snippet!

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