New release! Chosen One

So very excited to finally be able to tell you that Chosen One (Enlightened Hand Book One) is available for purchase and is available for Kindle Unlimited subscribers!


Olivia Grace Fosterson is a country girl who lives on a farm with her parents and her best friend, Bart. Bart would do anything for her: hunt rabbits, round up the cows, and offer sloppy, wet kisses when she’s feeling sad. Bart is a loyal dog.

But Ollie has another friend. Lawrence is much taller, and his kisses aren’t so sloppy. They are tantalizing. Soft. Urgent. Lawrence is every bit as loyal as Bart.

One day Olivia’s idyllic existence is shattered when she is whisked away by a man: the dark, arrogant, and devastatingly handsome Grant Thatcher. He spirits her away to the headquarters of a place she has always believed was nothing more than a myth—The Enlightened Hand. Now, torn away from everything she knows, and without a friend in sight, she must survive. She must use not just her wits, but her body, to exact her revenge and return to her true love, Lawrence.

Olivia’s secret plan to destroy the “Hand” drives her every move, but she is not the only one with a secret. All around her are people keeping secrets. What will happen when these secrets are revealed? Will she achieve her goal and finally be free? Will she and Lawrence find their way back to each other? And what will become of Grant—the man who brought her to this secret, faraway place?

Publishers note: This is an erotic romance novel that includes spankings, sexual scenes, elements of BDSM, and more.

If you are a fan of mystery, romance, alpha men who make no apologies, spanking and sloppy dog kisses, this is the book for you!

I hope you enjoy it!


Saturday Spanks! (like riding a bike)


…with a sore bottom. 😀

I am thrilled to be back participating in SatSpanks! My excerpt will be from my new release, available for your eyeballs at the end of the month. In this section Olivia is learning more about the type of world she has been taken into. And she isn’t liking it all that much yet 🙂

(and I counted several times, I swear it’s only eight!)

In one, swift motion Grant sat down on the log. As he did, he held onto Olivia’s elbow,
guiding her body down so that she was laid across his lap with her bottom up in the air. He held her legs down with one of his own and pressed down, one of his hands in between her shoulder blades. The pressure was just enough to keep her still.

Despite the position she found herself in, Olivia felt as if there was nothing in the world that could force her to feel remorseful, nothing would make her feel contrite. She was not surprised when he landed the first spank against her upturned bottom. In the back of her mind she had kind of expected it. She remembered the moment over his shoulder, three days earlier, so when his solid hand had crashed against her butt cheeks she wasn’t shocked, only angry.

I am so excited to be able to share more with you over the coming weeks! And now, onto more spanks!!!

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Sidenote: I am only late to post because I forgot timezones were a thing. That should’t be punishable!! Please, Headmistress!!

A new beginning

Well, hello there. Miss me? Hehe probably not. Don’t worry, I’m not offended. The Internet is constant and even if you work hard to stay ahead you can find yourself slipping under. 

I can’t even claim to have been trying hard to stay on top. 

But that’s water under the bridge, sand in the hourglass, leaves in a tree. I’m pretty sure that not all of those metaphors are being correctly used but I will add that to my list of things I need forgiven for 😉

On to more exciting news, I have a cover! A new cover I mean. It is for my newest release where I turn away from Knights (sorry guys) and turn toward secret societies. So let’s all give a collective wave to Chosen One-The Enlightened Hand Book 1!!

That’s all I’m giving you right now. It’s almost October and I’m all about the antici——–