A new beginning

Well, hello there. Miss me? Hehe probably not. Don’t worry, I’m not offended. The Internet is constant and even if you work hard to stay ahead you can find yourself slipping under. 

I can’t even claim to have been trying hard to stay on top. 

But that’s water under the bridge, sand in the hourglass, leaves in a tree. I’m pretty sure that not all of those metaphors are being correctly used but I will add that to my list of things I need forgiven for 😉

On to more exciting news, I have a cover! A new cover I mean. It is for my newest release where I turn away from Knights (sorry guys) and turn toward secret societies. So let’s all give a collective wave to Chosen One-The Enlightened Hand Book 1!!

That’s all I’m giving you right now. It’s almost October and I’m all about the antici——–


WIP IT UP Wednesday, my first time!

Lordy that is a huge graphic

I’ve seen the posts, visited many of them and finally, I am in a position where I actually have a WIP! Like many, it is taking over, ignoring my thoughtful planning and preparation and has become what it wanted to become. And I thought, why not share a little as I go?

This work is tentatively titled, The Enlightened Hand’s Chosen One. A mouthful if there ever was one 😀 It is meant to be a historical erotica (I guess I mean, aren’t labels the worst?!) I decided to start sharing from the beginning in the hopes that this might just get those editor juices flowing. I make no promises for grammar or that this scene will even make it to any final version. Now, before I lose my nerve:

        Olivia lay back, nestled on a thick layer of hay. She lifted her hand and examined how the sun shone between her fingers. Lawrence would certainly get scolded for not fixing the hole in the barn’s roof, but his laziness was Olivia’s gain. With her gigantic hound, Bart snoring at her side and the sun shining on the both of them, she was absolutely content, warm and happy.
        “Olivia?” Her mother called for her from the entrance.
        As long as she stayed put and kept Bart from snoring too loudly Olivia would remain undetected. There was no way her mother would step foot in a place as unseemly.
        “Olivia Fosterson, I know you are in there, come out right now and get water for your bath.”
        Olivia slunk down even lower.
        “You are not a child, Olivia, stop acting like one. You are a grown woman who cannot spend her time smelling like dog and dirt.”
        “I do not smell like dog!” Olivia responded and then clamped a hand over her mouth. Dang her mother, she definitely knew how to get a rise out of her.
        Olivia could hear the smug undertone in her mother’s words. “We have guests for dinner and you will look your best. Do not make me find you again, or you will feel your father’s belt!”
        Olivia scoffed silently. If she ever felt her father’s belt it would be because she borrowed it to hold the pants she borrowed from Lawrence up. However, her mother seemed to believe her threat was sufficient enough as Olivia could hear her soft footsteps fading away.
        Bart whined and yipped like a puppy, startling himself awake. He blinked at her with big, brown, soulful eyes.
        “She gives me nightmares too,” Olivia said. Bart yawned.
        Someone chuckled, low and familiar. Lawrence crept out of the shadows. How long had he been there against the back wall? His clothes were well worn and meant for work. He’d rolled his sleeves up over his muscular forearms that were crossed over his chest. He smiled at her, his regular expression when looking in her direction. It wasn’t until a couple of years ago that her stomach flipped over at his smiles. Hired as her father’s apprentice, Lawrence was a staple in her life. When he wasn’t avoiding fixing roofs and learning the trade with her father, he was with her and she loved every moment they spent together.
        “Nothing gives Ollie nightmares,” Lawrence said to Bart.
        “Except your ruddy face,” Olivia said. She may have new feelings for the handsome man, but she had always teased him. That couldn’t change.
        His brown eyes were gentle. He reached down and with a soft hold he led Olivia up to her feet. That close she could see the golden flecks of color around the blacks of his eyes, like tiny sunbursts. “Are you sure it is in your nightmares when you see my face?”
So, there it is. I hope to finish the first draft soon. Hear that, self?! Soon!
Now, please do visit the other authors as I am sure they will have fun little snippets for you!

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Possessed by the Knight is here!!

Nothing is as nerve wracking or exciting as a new book release. So many emotions, so many worries, but I’m going to swallow those down and just get on with it.

Romance book cover for ebook

Possessed by the Knight is now available on Blushing Books, Amazon and Barnes and Noble! (Click the one you want for the link)

But, what is this blasted book about? Let me tell you:

Summary: Kalista has gone from rags to riches. She preferred rags – at least she understood that world. Fate has turned things upside down and she needs someone to cling to, someone like the powerful Knight Caldwell. But when Caldwell pretends she doesn’t exist and his brother comes calling in times of trouble, whom can she trust? Whose love will prove true in the end?

Sample: Kalista slipped from her room into the quiet corridor. The early morning air, still crisp and sharp forced a shiver from her even as sun flooded through the castle windows. In moments her servant, Francine would be skipping to her room to help her prepare for the day. Kalista still wasn’t used to being waited on rather than being the one doing the waiting. There was definitely something to be said for being pampered, but it still made her uncomfortable.

She tiptoed through Harrington Castle, as different to Covard Castle as was possible, and her new home. Where Covard had been narrow and dingy, every corner of Harrington was open and bright. Even Ceravique, as pristine as it had seemed, surrounded by fields and meadows, had not been as beautiful.

“Miss, my Lady Kalista,” her servant rushed towards her out of breath and bright red.

“Hello, Francine,” Kalista said, somewhat sullenly.

Francine twittered like a bird on a branch. “You were not there, are you… oh but yes, you are dressed. Your hair though, I could….”

Kalista slowed so that Francine could catch her breath. “I think this will do for today.”

“My Lady, you are correct of course, but, the tournament. The opening ceremony is tonight. Wouldn’t you want something fancier to gain more requests for your favor?”

The only favor she gave two shakes about would be from a knight that wasn’t participating. Honestly, Kalista had forgotten about the tournament that King Braden had announced shortly after his wedding to her dearest friend and now Queen of Harrington, Georgianna. Her first request as queen had been to grant Kalista the title of noble. Just like that, Kalista had gone from the rags of a lady’s maid and servant to the luxurious satin dress she wore now.

“There’s plenty of time, Francine. Why don’t you spend the day planning in my room?”

Francine’s tiny, birdlike face lit up. “I will, my Lady. You’ll be the finest one there, except of course, the queen.” Francine blushed and dropped her head. Kalista hated the way the girl almost flinched from her as if afraid of punishment.

She set her hand softly on the girl’s arm. “I have every faith in you.”

Kalista could be wearing the finest dress in the kingdom, weave bright flowers in her hair and she still knew he wouldn’t even look at her. He hadn’t since their arrival to Harrington. As frightening as their escape from Covard had been, Kalista would gladly go back to that time if it meant having her knight look at her again.

She stopped at a door, raised her fist, and was in the act of knocking when the door suddenly opened.

Kalista felt the air rush out of her body as she stood face to face with the cause of her anxiety.

Visit the Blushing Book website for the entire rest of the first chapter.

I’ll take this time to step back slowly and hyperventilate. Thanks for reading!



Interview with a Rabid Mad Woman (me)

Hi all! The lovely Patty Devlin was gracious enough to interview me last week. 

It is odd being interviewed by someone who is so out of your level and on to the next, I mean, not only is she multi-published but her books often hit the bestseller lists, her most recent being, Mail Order Switch

I’m meeting new authors every day! It’s so exciting. Today I have with me Blushing Books author Sadie Dane. Sadie, can you tell us about Pursued by the Knight?

Sadie: Pursued by the Knight is my first independent novella with Blushing Books. I’d classify it as quasi-historical erotic romance. While it is set in medieval times, I definitely pushed the creative envelope. I hope, in a good way.

And what inspired you to write this book?Sadie: This book began as a short story, a moment in time for Braden and Georgianna published through Blushing Books in the anthology, A Spank in Time 2; The Spanks You Missed. When I was finished, I realized I wasn’t done with them. I wanted to explore how they came together and the push and pull for power in their relationship. I also loved the idea of delving into how a woman asserts herself in a time where it was more difficult to show her strength. 

How long have you been writing?Sadie: I’ve been writing with the intent to publish for about three years. Though, I’ve always been obsessed with books and storytelling. Even when I wasn’t putting pen to paper or finger to key I would act out scenes whenever I was alone. I kind of worry that someone saw me walking down the street, deep in an argument as I played both characters.

 For more interview check out Patty’s blog. In fact, check it out anyway. 

Happy reading!


Saturday Spanks/Winter Spanks

Hello friends! This is my second week participating in the Saturday Spankings blog hop and after last week I am super excited. From what I understand this week will be different in that some of us are also participating in an event co-sponsored by Winter Spanks. I’m not one of them but be sure to pay extra attention to those that are. That way there be prizes!!

Pursued by the Knight by Sadie Dane

Summary: Princess Georgianna has given up on the possibility of love. Her kingdom is starving, her people dying, and the responsibility of saving them falls on the shoulders of the young princess. Georgianna accepts the dismal future that is sure to come with her union to the cruel, yet wealthy, Prince Lisben. 
            But when she is seduced into an impulsive affair with the demanding Knight General Braden and it becomes more than she believed possible, she suddenly finds herself fleeing under his protection. Georgianna must rely on Braden to protect her body, but who will protect her heart?

About this snippet: Even though I’m not participating in Winter Spanks I’ve still been granted permission to offer a little bit longer of a snippet. This scene is one of my favorites from Pursued by the Knight where Princess Georgianna is still under the delusion that she can end her affair with General Braden and Braden makes it clear that isn’t an option for either of them.

“Braden–” His name was a muffled moan on her lips as his hands returned to her shoulders and pushed her down until she sat on the edge of the bed in front of him.

“No. I’ve had enough of this. We’re done talking about it.”

Her eyes left his face, falling to his body in front of her. His tunic was not tucked and hung just below his waist. She closed her eyes and breathed slowly. This was what she needed to stop. He turned her into a woman possessed, unable to make rational or virtuous decisions. She felt, at times, like a trained animal, that would do anything he asked just as long as she received her reward.

“What do you want?” he murmured, lifting her arm and placing her hand on his waist.

She loved to explore him. Her fingers moved, of their own accord, rasping against the coarse linen of his pants. She glided them up his thigh, towards the bump that was, as she watched, growing. She gently massaged his thigh and looked up at him, glorifying in the look of appreciation in his face. Her fingers found the top of his pants and she pulled down gently. She wanted her mouth around him, needed to suck him until he cried out her name in a way no one else ever had.

“No.” His one word was enough to freeze her, inside and out. “You don’t get off that easily, Georgi. Not tonight.” He stepped away but she kept her fingers linked around the top of his pants until he had to pry them off.  “Get on the bed.” She didn’t immediately comply so found herself being flung back, landing with a short bounce on the mattress. “Don’t be coy. Turn over.”

Now, be very sure to check out all of the other blogs. You could be a winner!

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P.S. If anyone can help me figure out how to post the actual blog hop list and not the link to the list I’d love you forever and ever. Or at least till next Tuesday 😀

Distractions and Writing

The irony of this blog post is that even as I type these words, I have one eye on the TV (I found the television show “Sons of Anarchy” later than the rest of the world and Netflix was kind enough to give most of it to me). I love writing, getting lost in a WIP, discovering new lands while meeting new people. But, I am not prejudice towards any entertainment and am sometimes too relaxed with productivity.


I could be very productive with this

There is one sure fire way to cease all distractions and that is to turn it all off. Turn off the TV and hide the remote. Lock all your books in a closet and swear you won’t look at them until you’re done. But then there’s still the internet and need I even mention cat videos? Sure there are internet blockers and other programs you can buy so that you aren’t even able to look at online distractions, but it gets to the point where you wonder, is there a limit? Take away my books and I’ll watch a movie. Take away the movie and I’m on Youtube. Take away Youtube and I’ll probably open Solitaire (something I do at most, once a year). My point is, distractions exist and taking them away or blocking them only makes that one disappear.

I say, embrace the distraction. Hug it. Cuddle it. Let it take you over. Then, when you come back up for air, get back to what you were doing. No one thing can last forever and beating yourself up for taking a few hours to yourself can’t help creativity.

So what’s your worst distraction? Are you a show binger as well? Or when you start a book, can you not finish until the final page of the final book in the series? How hot is Hunnam?


There’s rum in this, right?

Deck the halls with boughs of holly!

Never mind the fact that I have only one hallway and if it is decked in anything, it’s dog hair, jackets and shoes. Or the fact that I don’t think I’ve ever seen a bough of holly. (I just googled it, I have seen one, but they are mostly fake and wouldn’t last long in my hallway with the demon feline.)

Despite all this, I love this time of year. Almost as much as I love an impromptu quickie against a tree. There is something about Christmas that makes me thankful for what I have and then New Years makes me hopeful for what is to come. With that in mind, I’d like to reflect. So, hop on top of the Ghost of Christmas Past and take a ride with me.

This year I:

1. Discovered the amazing world of writing erotic romance. I have always been a fan of the genre. My favorite Sunday afternoon hobby is enjoying a bottle of wine and an erotic romance. If I’m not disturbed, I can generally finish both at about the same time. But writing one was something I thought braver people did. I am so thankful to my Blushing Mischief crew for holding my hand, tugging on other bits and spanking me until I realized that I may not be brave enough, but I am definitely saucy enough to write erotic romance.

2. Published my first (and second) short story in an erotic anthology. Spank in Time and A Spank in Time 2 The Spanks you Missed, will always hold a special place in my heart. They were my firsts and unlike my real first that was over as quickly as it had started, SIT and SIT2 are both something that I can always go back to and be proud of.

3. Published my first independent erotic romance novella. Riding the tail end of the wave of SIT2 was my first erotica novella, Pursued by the Knight. I’m not sure what I can say about this, since I start giggling like a school girl every time I think of it, but let’s just say I am very excited and appreciative to Blushing Books for giving me a chance.

Looking to the future, I’ve got a lot to learn. How to keep it fresh and market myself (cause doesn’t it just feel pushy?).   But I also have so much I’m looking forward to, making friends in the genre, a second book and discovering places online where people like me can get together. One of those places is Saturday Spankings, where every Saturday readers are given a chance to read sexy spanking excerpts and discover new authors to love. Please do check back, you may just find your next favorite author.

Do me a favor and enjoy your holidays. Merry Christmas, if that is what you celebrate, Merry Everything Else as well.  Whatever you celebrate, I’ll drink an extra glass of eggnog for you all!