Up close and personal

As the old saying goes, to know someone is to own them. Wait…I just did a Google search and I’m not sure that is a real saying. Oh well, it should be.  And, by the way, “DIBS!” if it isn’t…

Anyway, I distracted myself. I’d like you all to feel like you are very best friends, practically twinsies with Charity, the servant girl who features in her own story in the anthology, A Spank In Time, that is, you won’t believe it, on sale now.

She is a girl who enjoys the simpler things in life, give her a firm hand and a good cup a tea and she’ll be your friend forever. That is, when James lets her out of his sight. Charity has always been a servant, but don’t feel bad for her, she’s had and continues to have a good life. If you want to get to know her better, ask me a question and I’ll ask her, or you can check out her interview here. If you’re sick of introductions, then please, check out this short sample and if the mood strikes you, visit Blushing Books and give the whole sexy anthology a go!


“Charity could not get the stench of pig filth out of her nose. George Bishop was always coming in too close for comfort. It wasn’t only that he insisted on standing so near to her, but he asked again if she’d given any more thought to his marriage proposal. Charity would have sooner lived with his pigs before she agreed to marry him. She pulled her coat more closely around her and walked quickly down the side of the rocky road.

Behind her, Charity heard the clip-clop of horse’s hooves, and she moved to the side as a black carriage passed her by. Before it reached the next corner she heard the driver order the horses to halt. He called out for her to come up to them, so she hurried to catch up — perhaps the Lord or Lady had returned early from their travels.

A voice called to her through the carriage window. “Has no one told you how impolite it is for a lady to travel without a companion?””


The complete sample as well as samples from the other, awesome authors can be found here. 

-Thanks for listening and Sadie loves you.