Interview with a Rabid Mad Woman (me)

Hi all! The lovely Patty Devlin was gracious enough to interview me last week. 

It is odd being interviewed by someone who is so out of your level and on to the next, I mean, not only is she multi-published but her books often hit the bestseller lists, her most recent being, Mail Order Switch

I’m meeting new authors every day! It’s so exciting. Today I have with me Blushing Books author Sadie Dane. Sadie, can you tell us about Pursued by the Knight?

Sadie: Pursued by the Knight is my first independent novella with Blushing Books. I’d classify it as quasi-historical erotic romance. While it is set in medieval times, I definitely pushed the creative envelope. I hope, in a good way.

And what inspired you to write this book?Sadie: This book began as a short story, a moment in time for Braden and Georgianna published through Blushing Books in the anthology, A Spank in Time 2; The Spanks You Missed. When I was finished, I realized I wasn’t done with them. I wanted to explore how they came together and the push and pull for power in their relationship. I also loved the idea of delving into how a woman asserts herself in a time where it was more difficult to show her strength. 

How long have you been writing?Sadie: I’ve been writing with the intent to publish for about three years. Though, I’ve always been obsessed with books and storytelling. Even when I wasn’t putting pen to paper or finger to key I would act out scenes whenever I was alone. I kind of worry that someone saw me walking down the street, deep in an argument as I played both characters.

 For more interview check out Patty’s blog. In fact, check it out anyway. 

Happy reading!