Tag! You’re it!

Tag, You’re It!


 So I have been tagged, I’m it. This is a fun game for authors because we rock. Being “IT” means that you share information about your “work in progress” also known as “WIP” The Rules 1.) Give credit (including a link) to the Author who tagged you. 2.)Play by the rules, therefore you most post the rules! 3.)You MUST answer all 10 questions (below) some are quite hard but do your best. 4.)List five other Authors with links at the end that you have “tagged” so that the game can continue (more on this sad point at the end).
The Link Back
I was tagged by  PJ Perryman who is the fantastic author of, Drench the Wench and Kiss of the Marquis. She also has the fortune of being boss and member of Blushing Mischief, the author group responsible for A Spank in Time.
Q1.) What is the title or working title of your WIP?
Subdued by the Knight
Q2.) What genres does your novel fall under?
Historically Inaccurate Erotica
Q3.) What actors (Dream Cast) would you choose to play the characters in a film version?
Emmy Rossum would make a perfect Georgianna. Innocent, but with a sultry side (have you seen that  scene in Phantom?!).
John Kenney is who I didn’t realize I was thinking of when writing Braden until this moment (Not technically an actor, but who the hell cares? I mean, really, look at that and tell me you mind).
Q4.) What is the main outline for your book?
Subdued by the Knight, is only one of the stories in the erotic anthology,  A Spank in Time II – The Spanks You Missed.  It tells the story of Georgianna, recently engaged to the cruel Prince Lisben and her affair with knight and General of her fiance’s army, Braden. Georgianna realizes the affair cannot continue and plans to break it off. Braden is not the easily broken type.
Q5.) Will your book be Indie published/self published, or represented by an agency and sold to a traditional publisher?
 A Spank in Time II – The Spanks You Missed, which will include my short story, Subdued by the Knight, will be published by Blushing Books, provider of the cheekiest stories known to womankind. Don’t worry, if there is one thing I will tell you (and repeatedly) is when, as soon as I know.
Q6.) How long did it take you to write the first draft of the manuscript?
At a little over 6k, Subdued by the Knight, didn’t take long time-wise to write. Much of my effort was spent pre-writing, mulling over the tone and emotion I wanted to convey in the story.
Q7.) What other books in this genre would you compare your book to?
Oh, yikes. Humility forbids me from comparing my works to books I love and survival forbids me from comparing with books I didn’t enjoy. I gravitate towards stories with intense people who have no other reason to be with each other other than that they need to. I have my foundations in romance, so none of my stories are loveless.
Q8.) Who or what inspired you to write this book?
I love the idea of quiet strength. The squeakiest wheel gets the grease but I’m more interested in the silent wheel. I tried to play with that idea while writing Subdued by the Knight.
Q9.) What else about the book might pique readers’ attention?
Most noticeably, the other stories in the anthology. While everyone in Blushing Mischief writes some of the sexiest stuff around, we all write about very different people and places.
Q10.) Five other Indie Authors you have tagged
Here is the sad part. I have no friends. There, I said it. Well, I have friends, but they have already been tagged. Next time, I’ll start the game and tag everyone first. I can’t leave you with nothing though, so here, watch this eight minute video of people making out.
Blushing Mischief

My Descent

Like most people, I didn’t crawl out of the womb writing erotica. I was writing sonnets. Really, I tumbled out, covered in placenta, looking for things to compare to a summer’s day–no, I kid.

My voyage into erotica was not something I could’ve foreseen. At first it was less of a voyage and more of a paddle boat ride in a very shallow pond. Maybe I should back up.

I was pleasantly minding my own business when a friend asked me, “Have you ever considered writing erotica?” My first response was something along the lines of, “No. And if I tried it would probably sound like, ‘and then he thrust his you know into her secret garden of love and gross smells.'”

Before I could say this out loud she told me about a little project that she wondered if I would like to try and be a part of. I’d written stuff in the past, and am a big fan of romance in any form. I’d even written sex scenes and make-out scenes, but they were always the type that faded to black. I never had to really get deep into it, so to speak.

So I sat down with one purpose: To write a sex scene. Almost immediately I had these characters, and I was gonna get them to do it. I was gonna get them to do it hard. I wrote, kept writing, continued writing. Before I knew it I had a few thousand words of two people hanging out, going to lunch, bantering, but no hanky panky. I got a little frustrated, it was like dating in real life, my characters had put me in the friend zone.

After a few cocktails and some er…research, I decided to stop freaking and calm down. “You can’t force it, Sadie,” is what I told myself. And I just kept writing. Sounds boring, I know. I kept writing, and when the time was right, you will all be happy to hear, my characters did indeed, do it. Even better, he did not thrust his you know inside her smelly compost…

What did he do? Well, you’ll have to hang around and I’ll tell you how to find out.