Tacos and Boobs

Hey all, as I said Wednesday was my turn with Humpday Erotica, The Good, the Bad, and the not so sexy. The rules real quickly for anyone who doesn’t know:

1. Me and my three lovely friends take turns writing a truly bad erotic novel

2. We have a strict 69 word limit

3.. No planning, no pre-plotting, ensuring our undies are always in the air and we are constantly caught with our pants down


Ok, enough rules here is my latest installment:

His greedy eyes slid to her generous cleavage and his eyes sparkled in a “I want to…”

“-stop-for-tacos sort of way.”

Milly sighed, long and slow. This was not how she wanted their second meeting to happen. Their first meeting had been less than desirable. Milly had stood on that stage like she owned it, Her glorious boobs had shown to the world and she had won that first place prize. But, she hadn’t known then that one of the judges would one day be her…

You can find all of our posts here at TGTBATNSS (not my best acronym). I hope you enjoy it and have a great week!


He did what?!

I am a great lover of the mad lib. I’ve spent many an hour giggling when the big, fat rhinoceros farted in a pool of jello (I cannot believe I just wrote “farted”).

Now, I don’t mean to imply that writing erotica is simply a series of nouns verbing. I know when I write, my words are carefully thought out, so that the right noun correctly adverbs verbs the right noun. BUT, like I said before, mad libs are fun and erotica is the perfect canvas.

So here is the game, think of a word that corresponds to the one being asked. Then fill in the numbered blanks, read, and laugh. Or don’t laugh, you can guffaw or chuckle, if it is more your style. Also, don’t hoard the laughs, please post your mad lib in the comments section!

1. Exclamation

2. Body part

3. Verb

4. Adjective

5. Body Part

6. Adverb

7. Noun

8. Verb ending in -ing

9. Noun

10. Verb ending in -ed

11. Noun

(1) Exclamation!” she exclaimed as she felt Trevor’s (2) Body Part (3) verb up her thigh. His (4) adjective (5) body part was pressed against her bottom, snuggled (6) adverb between her two cheeks. She felt an ache that started in her (7) noun and spread. She turned to him, (8) Verb ending in  -ing her (9) noun against his body and (10) Verb ending in -ed his (11)noun while rubbing it slowly.


And just so you can see what I mean, here is mine:

“Holy Macaroni!” she exclaimed as she felt Trevor’s foot lick up her thigh. His stinky armpit was pressed against her bottom, snuggled quietly between her two cheeks. She felt an ache that started in her toaster and spread. She turned to him, swimming her car against his body and slapped his pony while rubbing it slowly.


Ahahahahaha, excuse me while I go laugh.