Sat Spanks in Yo Face!

Saturday Spankings

Hey Sat Spankers! I am still sharing from my latest release Pleased by the Knight. It has been out for a while now and I love the cover as much now as I did the first time. I thought I would share out of order. This week’s snippet is from the first chapter when Prince Corbin finds himself in a famous, and private Welcoming party 😀 Everyone wants to be welcomed home, right?

A little behind the scenes tidbit, when I thought about this little scene I quickly titled it my Circus Orgy scene. In my mind there were bright colors and body parts every where. I hope that came across in the final version. To read the rest, you can check out the free first chapter on Blushing Books. Or on Amazon!

Nobody spoke real words unless one counted grunts and moans. This dance was one they all seemed to know the steps to, except for Corbin who watched it all unfold with stupid wonder. Just in front of him an older woman was on her knees sitting on a man’s face, her face fixed in an expression of pure pleasure as she ground against him.

Corbin looked upward to where he thought his gaze would be safe, only to see a woman suspended from the top of the tent, with ropes tied around each of her ankles. She held onto another rope that was intricately wrapped around her middle and she stretched her legs open lowering her pussy to the man who waited below, with his mouth open like a baby bird eager for dinner.

I swear that is less then 8 sentences, it just looks big 🙂

Anyways, I’ve taken up enough spanking time, move on won’t you?

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24 comments on “Sat Spanks in Yo Face!

  1. krblake says:

    Wow! That’s quite a scene, Saucy Sadie. I’d probably be open-mouthed and staring in wonder just like Corbin.

  2. reneeroseauthor says:

    Woo hoo– I love kinky orgies!!

  3. Cara Bristol says:

    What a visual image you created! If you love the cover, how come you didn’t post it???

  4. aubreycara3 says:

    Helllllllo, and good morning! Delicious orgy scene!

  5. This line – “with his mouth open like a baby bird eager for dinner” Amazing visual right there! I love this! Where is the cover?

  6. angelicadawson says:

    What a scene!

  7. cpmandara says:

    Oh my word! What steamy deliciousness! I’m all for twenty sentences if they’re written like that 😉 YuM!

  8. Meredith O'Reilly says:

    Ohh! It sounds like Corbin is certainly getting an eye full. I wonder what he thinks about all of it.

  9. Darcie Rian says:

    My oh my! What a welcome home party! I get the feeling, he won’t be a part of the audience for long :-D.

  10. Ashe Barker says:

    Quite a vision. I think I’d be staring in stupid wonder too (love that description, by the way)

  11. Naomi Shaw says:

    Oh yes! Great scene, love your snippet

  12. Wow, nice imagery. Well done!

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