WIP it Up Wednesday! Reeeeeemiiiix

Okay, so not technically a remix, but I was trying to find an exciting way to say it was my second time! Got me thinking, second times are not nearly as celebrated as first times…hmmmm there’s got to be a story there. Anyways, onward!

I’ll be sharing from the same WIP as last week, not right after last week’s snippet, but in the same chapter. Here, we introduce more of what the story is about, and as stories go, this is where Olivia’s perfect life goes horribly awry. Once again, this book is tentatively titled, The Enlightened Hand’s Chosen One and is about a woman who is pulled into a secret society. Here goes:

“Mason Fosterson, please, do not be angry with your wife,” the man said. At first, Olivia thought he was rehearsing or speaking to air, but then she spotted her father and mother at the back of the carriage. Olivia was glad they couldn’t have seen him spank her from where they were, but she wished she wasn’t over the man’s shoulder. “Olivia here has an amazing opportunity. The only reason she even has this opportunity is because of how special she is. You should be proud of yourselves and of her. And, if she makes it back to you, you should remember this feeling instead of focusing on your disappointment.” There was so much in his words that Olivia needed to understand, her head swam. His tone had changed, less arrogant, actually respectful while he addressed her parents. It made her hate him a little less.
She searched her father for some comfort, but he wouldn’t look at her. Her mother, however, beamed. The man placed her in the carriage. He was in the act of climbing in behind her when there was a great booming sound from the barn.
Bart sprinted towards them on a mission. “What is that ugly beast?” the man asked.
Any respect she had felt for him vanished.
“Bart!” Olivia cried out for her friend.
“No dogs at the Manor,” he said, without a hint of kindness before climbing in and shutting the door.

I know, I know, I felt for Bart as well. It is hard to be mean to animals, even in stories!

Now, please check out my fellow writers! I read them all last week and there is such a fun variety, this is the perfect way to find your newest favorite author!

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4 comments on “WIP it Up Wednesday! Reeeeeemiiiix

  1. Melody Parks says:

    Oh my, what a twist from last weeks snippet. Who is this new man and what gives him the right to put her over his shoulder and haul her off? I simply must know more of this opportunity she has and why her mother is beaming about the idea!
    And I really feel for Bart. Poor puppy!

    About getting the linky list to show. In a nutshell, unless you pay for a hosted wordpress account you won’t be able to display the list like you see on blogger blogs.
    Here is what Brent Riggs; owner of linky tools says.
    The most common reason for this is that the blog is hosted at WordPress.com (who does not allow javascript) or some other blog service that does not allow javascript.

    JAVASCRIPT is the technology that allows a blog to pull data from other sources like Linky Tools. This is a limitation set by some free blog services like if you are the blog owner of this Linky Tools listand there is nothing we (or a host of other tools) can do about it.

    He goes on to explain there is a way to make your list show rather than just a link showing, but it will cost you money for a host site (example: Go Daddy) and more work to do so.

    Not to worry though, you are not alone when it comes to wordpress.com and we understand the issue lies with WordPress and not with you.
    We love having you here Sadie and I must keep learning more about Olivia and Bart and now, this arrogant man who has such audacity. ☺

  2. Oh no. He has to change his policy on dogs. Great snippet. 🙂

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