Pleased by the Knight is out and reviews are in!

Book four of Loving the Knight is out:
Pleased by the Knight: Loving the Knight, Book Four by Sadie Dane


Gia knows she is luckier than most. When she was purchased by the king of Atvia as a child, she wasn’t turned into a slave. Instead, she was cherished, and when she came of age, she became the king’s most trusted knight – as well as Hora. As such, she is responsible for training the potential brides and keeping up the morale of the men. Sure, any wrong deed may land her in Discipline Plaza with her bottom in the air, but even that is for her own good.

When a foreign prince arrives, the king asks Gia to fulfill another task; to determine the honesty of the outsider. It is an assignment she readily accepts.

Prince Corbin can’t wait to exit Atvia the moment he arrives there. It is hot, unforgiving land – that is, until he catches sight of the sexiest woman he has ever seen. She gives him the night of his life; one he unfortunately can’t fully enjoy, as the drug she slips him causes him to pass out. The next morning, he is furious and demands retribution. He soon discovers that they do things a little differently in Atvia…

Can he really spank this beautiful woman in public? And, more importantly, once he starts, will he ever be able to stop?


Gia knelt at the feet of her master. As a child he had been her protector and world. Now, as a grown woman, he was her father and her king. There was nothing sexual in the way she rested her head against his knees, but there was love and trust. He affectionately patted her dark locks once before gesturing that she should rise.

“My sweet oasis, I feel as if it has been forever since I spent time with you.” He spoke to her in English, as he often did when they were alone, instead of his native Atvian.

“I’ve found myself very busy with my hora duties these days. Though, if it displeases you, I can stop,” Gia replied.

“No, no, no. I would never ask that of you.” He leaned in and whispered like he was telling a secret. “I fear the men may revolt if I tried to. They sing songs immortalizing your skills.”

Gia couldn’t help the smile forming on her face. She’d heard the songs, but it was the source of the compliment that really pleased her. “I take all of my duties seriously. My task is an important one, preparing the herd for you.”

The king frowned, forming a wrinkle between the eyebrows on his ageless face. “You know I don’t like you referring to them as animals. Not even in jest.”

Gia dropped her head, immediately chastised. “I do care for them, Father. Please, forgive me.”


The king sat down on a thick rug woven with dark reds, browns, and greens. He reclined back, surrounded by plush pillows that complimented his darker coloring. He was a man that enjoyed the finer things. Soft cloths, beautiful women, and exotic foods.

His taste had been her saving grace, so many years ago. When she’d been dropped at his feet as a small child, spitting and swinging at whatever came near, the young king had been drawn to her fair skin and the way it had shone against her dark hair and eyes. She had been a rebellious, wild child and for many in her position that was where her story could have ended. A life of servitude if she was lucky. But Gia had been purchased, renamed and treated as much like a princess as was possible without actually holding the title.

Now, she held not only the highest position a female could hold, save for the king’s wives but also held the only title of knighthood offered to women in Atvia. A knighthood of one. As Hora of Atvia, she governed the training of potential brides as well as the morale of the Atvian soldiers.

Known to some as the seducer, to others as a friend and to most as the night you will never forget, Gia excelled in making men believe and feel what she needed them to believe and feel. She had learned most of her skills observing the beautiful, bronzed man in front of her. He radiated power, had an army large enough to justify his arrogance, but the weapons the king used more frequently were his charm, wit and intelligence.

“I do have a favor to ask of you.” He managed to sound contrite while also confident that she would not refuse him. Indeed, he did not even wait for her consent to continue. “The foreign prince that arrives today, Prince Corbin of Ceravique. Pay close attention to him.”

Gia tensed. “Do you suspect he’s come to harm you?”

The king patted the pillow beside him and Gia went to him, sitting down at his side. “Nothing like that. But, I am wary. My newest bride was supposed to be the one arriving today. Instead, I receive word that the foreign prince is coming in her stead with his tale as to why.” He grabbed her hands, holding them in each of his.

“I see.”

“Watch him, dear one, with your eyes that miss nothing.”

“And if he is lying?”

The king smiled. “Then you will have a chance to do what you are second best at.”

From the arched doorway came a knock. A dusty messenger entered. The king made no attempt to move away from Gia, their embraces were not something he hid or felt shame about. They kept no secrets from each other. “You asked for first word,” the messenger began apologetically. “They’ve been spotted on the main road. All those who departed, minus the two men lost and your intended, Princess Lotte.”

“The prince?”

“He is with them.”

The king nodded and the messenger departed, leaving the two of them alone again.

The king lovingly squeezed her hands. “I believe it is time for you to prepare,” he said as if he wished she could stay longer.

Gia was already getting to her feet, eager to please him. “Do not worry, my king,” she said with determination.

For a longer sample or links to buy, visit the Blushing Books page!

Here is what people are saying about Pleased by the Knight:

I really enjoyed this book. Good dialog, exciting plot. The punishments were severe but appropriate in the context of the story. They fell in love quickly but deeply. It is a short book but it packs a punch. I was left wanting more.

…There are many sexual scenes, some graphic. There are spankings in the public center (but they aren’t that descriptive. There is also a caning. The story is a cute one about True love overcoming all. The ending was a bit rushed. But it was a happy one.

I am really excited about this latest release and for anyone who has read all of the books, there is a special little bit at the end of Pleased by the Knight that I hope you enjoy 😀


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