“Affording the time to Write” or “How not to Become a Couch Troll”

A second post about money, Sadie? Isn’t that a bit gauche?

1. This isn’t that post and 2. I just barely know what gauche means.

This isn’t the post that puts a magnifying glass on writing full time compared to writing after your full time. Though, now that we are talking about that, how fun would being a full time writer be? I imagine there are some grass is greener moments. I’m sure there are times when full time writers wish they had a second source of income to take some of the pressure off of their current projects, but in my mind, they are experiencing that stress from the comfort of their home, in their pajamas.

In fact, when I imagine myself as a full time writer I see endless pots of coffee, in a room that is always at the perfect temperature and has hidden speakers in the wall (don’t ASK ME who installed them I do not have to imagine details!) that pump out exactly what I want to hear at that exact moment. In other words, I imagine something like this:

Blog How I picture

I am relaxed happy and have huge bewbs

Though, knowing me and my love of messy buns and well, messy everything, I would probably look more like this:


I computer on my keyboard with the keys

Moving on…

Writing is a solitary sport and one of my personal, greatest concerns regarding my writing is allowing it to lull me even further into my introverted, quasi-anti-social bubble. BIC (butt-in-chair) time is important, but it is equally important to go outside once in a while. If only to make sure the sun still rises in the morning and the birds still sing.

So, without further ado, I give you my three steps for affording writing time OR my three steps for not letting myself become a living room-gremlin-that-hisses-at-the-phone-when-it-rings-and-has-no-idea-if-it-is-2am-or-pm-because-I-haven’t-showered-in-four-days-and-there-ain’t-no-way-I’m-opening-the-curtains.

1. Prioritize

For me there are things I would like to do, things I need to do and things I will just do without even thinking about them and then four hours later I realize I haven’t done anything but watch The Voice auditions. Prioritizing makes the next two steps that much easier. Like Professor Moody should’ve said, BE COGNIZANT of where your time is going. It can fly by and no matter how fun it is to watch hours of all turn auditions, that doesn’t put words on the page.

Blog_Voice logo

 2. Be flexible

Treating writing like your day job (whether it is or isn’t) is a great idea. But it is important to make time when those small, unplanned moments arise. It can be annoying when your mother calls out of the blue just to chat or when your buddy suddenly springs an outing on you. Maybe you don’t go most the time, or even half the time. But maybe go once. 🙂

3. Don’t stress the small words

Yeah, yeah every word is important but as long as you know you can make it up, it is okay to maybe not reach that day’s goal. Especially if there is a really pretty sunset, or your significant other needs you to watch the no cry challenge with them on Youtube, or if your puppy is being extra cute and demands to be instagramed.

I think my three steps can also boil down to one simple point:

Remember that real people exist, they are important, they are often lovely and they should be appreciated.

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