Sat Spanks!


It’s been a little over a week since Possessed by the Knight was released. I’m pleased to announce I have not fallen over from anxiety yet. There were a few close calls 😀

This weeks sentences come chapter 2. Kalista is at the tournament doing her best to ignore Caldwell when his brother, Edward (who is on the field as a participant), decides to shake things up a bit.

Edward sidestepped so that he stood in front of Kalista. “My beautiful Lady, yours is the only favor I desire. Would you do me the honor, Lady Kalista of allowing me to carry your token?”

Kalista slunk down in her chair and clutched her arms tightly across the front of her body as if hugging herself. While Caldwell seemed preoccupied with making Kalista fit in, Edward insisted on singling her out.

Georgianna gently but persistently shook Kalista’s arm.

“Will my Lady refuse me in front of all these people?”

Kalista was almost positive she would.

Book Summary: Kalista has gone from rags to riches. She preferred rags – at least she understood that world. Fate has turned things upside down and she needs someone to cling to, someone like the powerful Knight Caldwell. But when Caldwell pretends she doesn’t exist and his brother comes calling in times of trouble, whom can she trust? Whose love will prove true in the end?

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14 comments on “Sat Spanks!

  1. I’m liking Edward already. Congrats on the New Release. I love the cover.

    • sdane says:

      Thank you! I can’t take credit for the cover, they did an amazing job. If it were up to my devices, there’d be two stick figures…they’d be naked, but because I can’t draw clothes.

  2. Cara Bristol says:

    Enjoyed your snippet. Like the zinger at the end. Beautiful cover.

  3. I love that your snippet brings a quandary into focus… “Will she refuse”… leaves this reader in quandary of the answer now too…

  4. Ashe Barker says:

    I love historical erotic stories, this looks like a real treat. The last line is so enigmatic

  5. johnsatisfy says:

    What a nice snippet. Great characterization.

  6. afteroldjoe says:

    Fun snippet! Can’t wait to read more.
    – Angie S.

  7. I love the last line 😉 Great job

  8. LOved your snippet Sadie! Congrats on the new release 🙂

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