Sat Spanks!

Saturday Spankings

Words cannot express how excited I am to be participating in Sat Spanks again. The irony of a writer being unable to express something with words is not lost on me 😀  The last few weeks have been hectic for me. Anyway, enough excuses, let’s get on with it.

I have exciting news! This week’s Sat Spanks excerpt is coming from my new release, Possessed by the Knight, the second book in my Knight’s series. Though it is in the same world as Pursued by the Knight, you need not have to read the first to enjoy this one. The book is set to release through Blushing Books this Saturday and when I have a cover and links I’ll be sure to post them! Enjoy!

At this point Kalista and Caldwell had been arguing. Because she wouldn’t listen, Caldwell hoisted Kalista over his shoulder and is carrying her down the corridor. Kalista had planned to protest, but then…

Her body exploded like a cannon. Every repressed desire, every unfulfilled fantasy assaulted her. A wave of carnal hunger took her over. She was no longer dead weight on his shoulders, furthest from that. She’d never felt more alive. Her limbs were as light as feathers. An ache began to throb between her legs. Caldwell repositioned the hand on her ass into a firmer hold and Kalista couldn’t stop the moan that escaped her lips.

Now, onwards to the other spanking great participants!

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UPDATE: Looks as though the release date has been changed. Technical difficulties and all that. Right now, it is looking like this Wednesday, not too far away!

21 comments on “Sat Spanks!

  1. “Carnal Hunger” – love the inference and words you wove into it…

  2. Jolynn Raymond says:

    This is wonderful. She knows that he is carrying her off for a much needed discipline session. A weight is lifted by just knowing he will do what must be done. The eroticism she is feeling from just knowing what’s to come already has her in the proper mind and body set.

  3. Wow – she’s really looking forward to what’s coming. I’m even excited for her 🙂

  4. marysuewehr says:

    I love when the hero tosses the heroine over his shoulder. makes me feel all girly…lol

  5. I would feel the same way! 🙂
    Great snippet!
    Sorry about the delay.
    Good luck!!!

  6. normandiea says:

    I love knights, and I think she likes getting carried away with one! Awesome sauce.

  7. Ashe Barker says:

    I love this snippet, dripping with anticipation. When do you say the book’s out?

  8. Keeping the universe you’ve created is a great idea. Why reinvent the wheel when you have a wonderful one to roll on? Nice snippet. Looking forward to the release.

    • sdane says:

      Isn’t it weird how you create these supporting characters and then suddenly wonder, what if? This second book was fun for me to write 😀

  9. Any news on your release date?

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