Sat Spanks and a Shameless Plug (not that kind of plug you dirty birdy)

Saturday Spankings

I missed a few weeks, real life putting me in a position where I had zero time to read everyone’s entries. And isn’t that the whole point? But I’m back now and looking to make up for lost time!

A quick recap of what I’m doing: Saturday Spanks is a blog hop with a cheeky twist. Each of us are allowed to post up to 8 sentences from something we’ve written, no more, unless you want literal Saturday spanks. This might be my last snippet from Pursued by the Knight, please enjoy!

Summary: Princess Georgianna has given up on the possibility of love. Her kingdom is starving, her people dying, and the responsibility of saving them falls on the shoulders of the young princess. Georgianna accepts the dismal future that is sure to come with her union to the cruel, yet wealthy, Prince Lisben.

But when she is seduced into an impulsive affair with the demanding Knight General Braden and it becomes more than she believed possible, she suddenly finds herself fleeing under his protection. Georgianna must rely on Braden to protect her body, but who will protect her heart?

Blurb: Georgianna proves that while Braden can keep her inline with a firm hand, she has her own set of tools.

Braden stalked forward and she backed up. She felt a tree behind her and pressed against it. He pressed his palm against the bark just above her head. She felt fully surrounded by him. “That won’t happen,” he said slowly.

Georgianna bit her lip. “If only perfect enunciation made something true.” Her lower lip jutted out in a pout. 

Now onto the shameless plug! Since I’ve got you here I thought it only right to bring your attention to an interview I recently did with the very talented, very sexy, very kind Patty Devlin (whose own latest book, Mail Order Switch, is as I type this, still holding the #1 spot on Blushing Books bestsellers). Check it out!

And, don’t forget to keep hopping. If you’re looking for fun, sexy snippets, click the link!

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21 comments on “Sat Spanks and a Shameless Plug (not that kind of plug you dirty birdy)

  1. PK Corey says:

    She has courage, I’ll give her that. I read the interview – it was great.

  2. annesherriff says:

    He sounds intimidating. She’ll need courage

  3. Jolynn Raymond says:

    It seems the theme of the day is outdoor spankings. Great build up. I’ve a feeling that pout will get her into trouble.

  4. LA Cloutier says:

    What? What won’t happen again?
    I wonder what else is going to happen by that tree?
    Nice, Sadie!

  5. Ha! I love her defiant spirit, even when faced with something (or someone) she fears.

    BTW — that’s quite an interview:) Well done.

  6. luscious! such a cute pout and what a teasing snippet

  7. Leigh Smith (aka Sunny Girl) says:

    I love feisty.

  8. Patty Devlin says:

    And then you leave us hanging…again… You little wretch! But thank you for the shout out! And your interview was fabulous even if you didn’t have the hang of it!

  9. Sheri Savill says:

    This was great, Sadie! LOVE the name, Braden, too.

  10. Feisty woman … dominant male … wonderful, and congrats on the interview 🙂

  11. marysuewehr says:

    He sounds very sure of himself. This is exactly what she needs right now. Nice!

  12. krblake says:

    The lady is definitely courting trouble here, but I love it. Great snippet, Saucy Sadie.

  13. tarafinneganromance says:

    LOL, if only perfect enunciation did make something true! Nice line.
    Naturally, I am dying to know exactly what won’t happen. Great tease.

  14. Great snippet. I love a dominant hero and a fiesty heroin 🙂

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