Distractions and Writing

The irony of this blog post is that even as I type these words, I have one eye on the TV (I found the television show “Sons of Anarchy” later than the rest of the world and Netflix was kind enough to give most of it to me). I love writing, getting lost in a WIP, discovering new lands while meeting new people. But, I am not prejudice towards any entertainment and am sometimes too relaxed with productivity.


I could be very productive with this

There is one sure fire way to cease all distractions and that is to turn it all off. Turn off the TV and hide the remote. Lock all your books in a closet and swear you won’t look at them until you’re done. But then there’s still the internet and need I even mention cat videos? Sure there are internet blockers and other programs you can buy so that you aren’t even able to look at online distractions, but it gets to the point where you wonder, is there a limit? Take away my books and I’ll watch a movie. Take away the movie and I’m on Youtube. Take away Youtube and I’ll probably open Solitaire (something I do at most, once a year). My point is, distractions exist and taking them away or blocking them only makes that one disappear.

I say, embrace the distraction. Hug it. Cuddle it. Let it take you over. Then, when you come back up for air, get back to what you were doing. No one thing can last forever and beating yourself up for taking a few hours to yourself can’t help creativity.

So what’s your worst distraction? Are you a show binger as well? Or when you start a book, can you not finish until the final page of the final book in the series? How hot is Hunnam?


2 comments on “Distractions and Writing

  1. Jill Glass says:

    With you all the way! Internet stuff is my bane lol

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