Saturday Spankings

Hello! Today is a special day. My first blog post with The Saturday Spankings, a group of authors who all enjoy a pair of rosy cheeks (not the ones on your face). Rules say I am allowed to share an 8 sentence blurb from one of my stories. I’ll get to that, but first let me say thank you to those at Saturday Spankings and here’s to hoping I never have to report to the Headmistress!

Summary: Princess Georgianna has given up on the possibility of love. Her kingdom is starving, her people dying, and the responsibility of saving them falls on the shoulders of the young princess. Georgianna accepts the dismal future that is sure to come with her union to the cruel, yet wealthy, Prince Lisben.

But when she is seduced into an impulsive affair with the demanding Knight General Braden and it becomes more than she believed possible, she suddenly finds herself fleeing under his protection. Georgianna must rely on Braden to protect her body, but who will protect her heart?

Set-up for these sentences: Princess Georgianna and General Braden are on the lam. From the moment they escaped, Georgianna suspected Braden had been hiding something from her.  Confused and now scared of the man who holds her life in his hands, Georgianna tries to escape, with disastrous and sexy consequences.

“I live for your pleasure, Georgi.”

He dipped the very tip of his finger inside her, and Georgianna exhaled a deep breath.

“And you seem intent on living for my pain.” His voice had transformed into something rough and tortured. His hand returned, though now her body had had time to rest, the pain was immediate.

A deep groan escaped her lips. Like a wild animal, her ass rose to meet each slap as she relished in them.

His finger dipped low, abruptly sliding into her wet pussy.

AND, SCENE! Not really, but for the purposes of this post, yes. If you want to read more you can buy Pursued by the Knight from the Blushing Books Website, Amazon or Barnes and Nobles.

If you want more sexy blurbs, please, please, please visit The Saturday Spankings Blog and check out the other authors. There is a whole list of them!

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25 comments on “Saturday Spankings

  1. Ooooh hot! Well done. 🙂

  2. lovely 🙂 welcome to the hop

  3. PK says:

    First time here and all ready a master at cutting us off just t the moment we want more. You’ll do well here! LOL Glad you’re joining us.

  4. Leigh Smith says:

    Welcome to SS. Hot little snippet.

  5. marysuewehr says:

    Oh my,that was smokin’ hot!!!

  6. Welcome Sadie! It’s nice to see new names on the list especially if they share such a hot little snippet… 🙂 You’ll fit right in here!!

  7. Patty says:

    Glad to see you here, Sadie, and then- wow! You pulled a fast one with that snippet. You Tease!

  8. Cara Bristol says:

    Smoothly written, I like it. Welcome to Saturday Spankings.

  9. afteroldjoe says:

    Nice snippet. I’m glad you decided to join us!
    -Angie S

  10. I guess that’s another rule heroines seem to like to break. Don’t attempt to runaway from your protector (especially if they like to spank). Great snippet, Sadie, and welcome to Saturday Spankings.

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