That is one awesome ass, to be seen by two men, who are currently not in the same room…I need me that kind of swagger.

The Good, The Bad and The Not So Sexy

The tone he used spoke miles of what he thought of…

…her leaving. Milly looked back over her shoulder.  The alpha males watched her go; two hungry eyes glued to her expensively implanted, perfect ass. Not even the voluptuous Octavia could boast of such a pair.

She shook her butt cheeks, anxious to leave a lasting impression on both men. No way was Octavia going to distract from her thrust; when their thoughts turned dirty, she wanted them to think…

What did she want them to think? Where did she get that ass work done? Is anything about her real? Stay tuned for Sadie’s next installment…

P J Perryman

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