Doorman! Carry Mr. Huntington…

Poor doorman…

The Good, The Bad and The Not So Sexy

“Doorman! Carry Mr. Huntington to his…

…office. And get him out of those damn pants. Use force if you have to! Cross me now and I’ll see you fired!”
Slayde gazed deep into Milly’s eyes. Such passion, such command, such as he’d never witnessed there before. Her ability to take charge at such a time made him rock hard, but he screamed. The ugliest man he’d ever seen now bent over his engorged cock and …

Behind the alpha male, is Slayde a secret submissive? Does Milly have a pair of handcuffs in that dainty pink handbag? And what is the doorman gonna do to his willy? For the answers to this and more, stay tuned for Sadie Dane…

P J Perryman (Sparkly Knickers)
For the full story so far, please click on this link

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