Tacos and Boobs

Hey all, as I said Wednesday was my turn with Humpday Erotica, The Good, the Bad, and the not so sexy. The rules real quickly for anyone who doesn’t know:

1. Me and my three lovely friends take turns writing a truly bad erotic novel

2. We have a strict 69 word limit

3.. No planning, no pre-plotting, ensuring our undies are always in the air and we are constantly caught with our pants down


Ok, enough rules here is my latest installment:

His greedy eyes slid to her generous cleavage and his eyes sparkled in a “I want to…”

“-stop-for-tacos sort of way.”

Milly sighed, long and slow. This was not how she wanted their second meeting to happen. Their first meeting had been less than desirable. Milly had stood on that stage like she owned it, Her glorious boobs had shown to the world and she had won that first place prize. But, she hadn’t known then that one of the judges would one day be her…

You can find all of our posts here at TGTBATNSS (not my best acronym). I hope you enjoy it and have a great week!



Last time on The Good the Bad and the Not-so-Sexy

Sunday was the latest post towards our ongoing, collaborative writing efforts to create some truly bad erotica. I’ve spent some time laughing at the words my lovely writing partners have come up with.  Wednesday is my turn again and my wheels are turning. I wonder if it is finally time for someone to get naked…


In case you missed P.J’s last post, here it is:

She hailed a taxi and dropped like a brick…

…when who but Slayde Huntington IV himself appeared at her side!
“Hi Milly, what a coincidence.” That smooth tone, those bulging biceps. Her heart raced and she felt wetness in her panties. “Wanna share a taxi?”
“Oh Slayde, would that even be possible?” she asked, thrusting her well-proportioned nipples in his direction.
His greedy eyes slid to her generous cleavage and his eyes sparkled in a “I want to…”

Why was Slade outside her apartment? Will her breasts ever be free of that blouse? Did she really wet herself? Stayed tuned for more Milly antics…

Personally, I don’t think breasts like hers should ever be freed 😀


She stepped outside…

The next installment! Can’t wait for Sunday

The Good, The Bad and The Not So Sexy

She stepped outside, her skin glistening with beads of sweat already,

nerves for her job interview making it hard to breathe. She already hated Slayde Huntington IV with the fiery passion of a thousand suns, even though her friend Tiffany had told her he was super hot and charming. God, she hoped he wouldn’t look at her boobs too much. She had more to offer. Her ass was amazing as well. She hailed a taxi and dropped like a brick

Who is this Slayde Huntington? Is he really that hot? Is he into boobs or butts? Stay tuned!

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Last time on The Good, The Bad, and the Not So Sexy:

Can’t wait to see where this is going!

The Good, The Bad and The Not So Sexy

She hated the way her boobs were so


full and perky. Her dark-blue, low-cut blouse scooped down across her cleavage and she adjusted her bra. Could nothing tame them? Sighing, she turned away, stepping into her heels and grabbed the card with the address on it. It was in the middle of nowhere at the edge of the city but she was out of options. She stepped outside, her skin glistening with beads of sweat already,

What is this new job? Where is Milly going? Will she tame her rampant cleavage?!  Stay tuned for Friday’s installment.


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Humpday Erotica

Hey all!

It has been a very unsexy amount of time since my last post. But, I have been working hard for the money, so hard for it honey (I better stop before I get a cease and desist)


My friends and I have decided to have a bit of fun with our favorite genre. Check out The Good the Bad and the Not so Sexy over the next few weeks as we write, in installments, the silliest and tropiest erotic story. The plan is take turns so that you never know where the story will end, but it does end 🙂 We each have a maximum of 69 words and can use no more (that is what maximum means in this case).


I was unwisely chosen to go first, so I bring to you the story of Milly. I’d like to tell you more about her, but I don’t know it yet.



Warning: The following is an ongoing collaborative work of purposefully bad erotic fiction. Read at your own risk.

Milly Applebottom stared at her reflection in the mirror. She blinked her big blue eyes and pulled back her long raven hair into a sleek ponytail. She needed this job, now more than ever and she was willing to do just about anything to get it. That included wearing a skirt.

Milly looked at her sleek form in the mirror. Ugh. She hated the way her boobs were so


Be sure to tune in Wednesday for the next installment!