But, she hadn’t known…

Ooo on the next episode of, Taxi Cab Confessions :D:D

The Good, The Bad and The Not So Sexy

But, she hadn’t known then that one of the judges would one day be her…

…future possible employer. Hell, she didn’t even know if she could make it through this interview now that he apparently decided to crash her cab.

He draped his arm on the back of the seat, turning towards her. “I must confess my heart’s desire, Milly.”

“Oh, really?” Milly looked everywhere but at Slayde, her fingers fidgeting on her knees. Oh my god, what’s he saying??

“Milly, I just…

Milly’s trapped in the backseat of the cab with Slayde, what is he confessing? Where are they going? Will his arm go anywhere else?? Stay tuned! A.T. Quinn is up next.


~~P.S. Feel free to leave comments if you visit, it makes it all the more fun if we’re all involved!


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