Drench The Wench, book review

First off I will be straight up honest and say that while I know the author of Drench The Wench, I was not given this book for review. I sought it out and boy, am I glad I did!

Drench The Wench, by P.J. Perryman is a collection of ten erotic stories that offers something for everyone.

A lot of times that phrase is haphazardly thrown around. “Hey, come to this (insert restaurant here), it has something for everyone!”  And then you go to said restaurant and find that while there is a large menu it offers only Italian food, or vegan food, or only sandwiches, and while they have fifty different kinds of sandwiches, they still only have sandwiches. Drench The Wench is nothing like that.

Perryman has it all, delivers it to your house and demands a tip, sexy-pizza-delivery-man-style. She somehow manages to construct a collection of short stories, centered around a renaissance fair, unlike any I have ever read, managing to strike a perfect chord between funny, outrageous and sexy.

Overall, this is exactly the type of read I would recommend on a warm day at the beach, with a margarita in one hand and an umbrella overhead, because you’ll be getting plenty hot on your own!

Head over to Blushing Books and get your own copy of Drench The Wench, by P.J. Perryman!

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